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At John Stewart Osteopaths, we offer a wide range of osteopathic treatments suitable for all ages and injuries. Whether you are suffering from an acute injury or struggling with long-term chronic pain, we can provide you with a course of treatment to help you recover. Choose from general or cranial osteopathy, with optional acupuncture sessions available too.

To book a consultation in Kent, please call our team on: 01732 523 441 or

07967 024 190

  • Back, neck and joint pain

  • Cranial osteopathy

  • Pregnancy related issues

  • Sports injuries

  • Repetitive strain

  • Arthritic pain

What can we treat?

Before deciding on your course of treatment, you will need to attend an initial consultation. This is where we diagnose what's behind the problems you are experiencing and create a plan of action. The first consultation costs £60  for 45 minutes. After which will book you in for follow up treatments which start at £40 per session. Payment options are cash, cheque or bank transfer.

How much does it cost?

The way that your joints, bones and muscles work together can have a big impact on your overall health. Osteopathy treats your joints and muscles, through massage, stretching, and joint and spinal realignment.  

What is osteopathy?

Assisting you on your way to recovery

osteopath manipulating an ankle